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This presentation / Document consists of proprietary information, is © copyrighted and is the intellectual property of Promatas Group, and continue to vest with us.  This document also may contain information that is intrinsically confidential to the Promatas Group and is expressly prepared for MICTAC (UAE).  Hence its circulation should be highly limited, even internally, on a need to know basis.  As such no part of this procedure may be reproduced in any form by print, photocopy, microfilm or any other means wholly or in part or disclosed to any person outside MICTAC (and/or Promatas Group) without the written Permission of Promatas Group. As a specific fit for purpose document, claims by any external party is not binding on us, on any grounds, whatsoever.

Reproduction of this material within MICTAC & Promatas Group’s partners is for the authorized purpose agreed to and is permitted only to the degree of extent agreed upon. Recipient of this document shall exercise the utmost care to protect the copyright of this document.



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