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The objective of this Business Case is to present a shared platform for Business, Government or Semi-Government Organizations to

Create, Implement and Automate Enterprise-Wide Governance, Risk and Compliance Framework – Using the Governance Layer

Enforce these Policies and assist ICT operations to specifically cater to Business and Operational Needs through effective monitoring and control – Using the Analytical Layer

Use the data collected from the Governance and Analytical Layer and Predict future possible scenarios in the Business Eco-systems and provide suggestive re-configurations for the Governance and Analytical Layers to operate more efficiently based on changing scenarios and situations – Using the Intelligence Layer

How it work :


Service Features :

  • We plan to use Neural Networks based on Bayesian Networks at the core of the AI Engine
  • However, this would also mean first we need to organize the data properly from the Governance and Analytical Layers
  • We propose to use inter-connected self-learning inference chains to structure and prepare the data first
  • We would then use this further on the Bayesian Network to achieve the targeted prediction

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