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We have developed a smart and innovative way of recording employee’s Biometric attendance with Geofencing through Google Maps. No costly physical biometric devices, no additional cost to the company, and no unnecessary hassles. Introducing Smart Punch, the most efficient way to instantly record attendance of your employees anywhere anytime in the world with the support of GPS data and do much more. Our solution facilitates capturing the attendance data using employees’ smartphones with the help of Iris scanner, Fingerprint sensor, facial recognition, and pattern security methods in online and offline mode. Smart Punch is a total employee-friendly solution, it supports for Work @ Home, My Docs Digital Wallet, Visit Report and also with chat and Video Conference. Smart Punch supports different schedules and multiple shifts for branches.

Why Smart Punch

“Smart Punch application simplifies the task of Biometrics attendance, Visit Report, My Docs Digital Wallet, Work Schedules, Work from Home, Leave tracking, Client posting, tracking moving employees, and taking necessary approvals for official things into one by using something is already present in everyone’s pockets. Yes, our smartphones! “. Smart Punch helps you to maintain social distancing too.

How it work :

  • Capture the attendance data using employees’ smartphone with the help of
  • • Iris scanner
  • • Fingerprint sensor
  • • Facial recognition
  • • PIN & Pattern security methods
  • • Smart Punch Attendance Management – Smart Punch mobile application facilitates to capture of the employee’s attendance through Fingerprint, Fascial recognition, and Iris biometric methods, using the employee’s mobile device. We can also enable punching through Pattern lock and PIN. In attendance marking, punching area restrictions are implemented through Geofencing with Google Maps for map the Offices, client site, project site, Training area, etc. The Smart Punch solutions capture data in offline and online mode and synch with the server when internet connection regains. The monitoring / ensuring the presence of employees in the office can be strictly enforced by increasing the punching time and no of punches(additional punches). Puch in punch out will be configured based on shift and working hours. we can configure punching interval and punching time from the back end.
  • • My Doc – Digital Locker – It enables the app users to store their urgently required document in a single space and share the same through multiple channels whenever, the employee wishes.
  • • Chat and Video conference facility – It connects the employees of the organization through text chat and video conference. No need to maintain additional applications or logins to execute the same.
  • • Field Visit Reports – It facilitates the employees to upload the activities of the visiting place with a description of the activities. The system also captures date, time, and GPS coordinates of the visiting place.
  • • Work @ Home Attendance Management. It is an employee-friendly facility to support protentional employees on their needy time like health issues, personal and family requirements. It also helps the organization to monitor the employee’s activity in an epidemic period like COVID 19. The employee who requested the work at the home facility should upload the location of the residential place, the reason for the request, No of days with dates of request, and the employee can upload any supporting document in this matter. The HR team will approve or reject the same. The employee can also raise an additional request to extend or cancel the sanctioned request.
  • • Leave Management – All the users of an organization can apply they're through single and get the status of leave applied in the Smart Punch app itself. The Smart Punch app also allows the employees to view the history of leave applied and taken along with the holiday list. Any leave applied from the employees’ side will approve by the HR team from backend using our admin panel. The status of approved or rejected leave will immediately be notified in the mobile app. During the request time, the employee should fill the reason, date, and period of leave required, supporting documents if any should be submitted.
  • • Social Distancing - implemented with the help of Bluetooth. Our app alerts the user, whenever any device reaches near to our configured distance. The employees will get the alert through messages /Flash/Vibrate. We can enable or disable this feature and also configure the distance.
  • • Multiple schedules and Hybrid Shifts: Smart solutions helps the organization to create multiple shifts according to the work nature and working hours of the organization. This system helps to post employees on a different shift and assign tasks in different offices.
  • • Support multiple level hierarchy – It facilitate the mapping of employees in different group and hierarchy for work reporting and monitoring.
  • • Role-based access and permissions – The admin panel of the Smart Punch web application is accessible to all employees in an organization. However, their access is limited to the role in the organization. The lower level employee can view only their punching/attendance information and status of their various request like leave/work at home, etc.
  • • Special Task and Outside work assignments and tracking- The Smart Punch system can create special punching locations for a particular period to meet the visit requirement in connection with training, client posting, worksite assignment, etc. Here we can configure the GPS location of the place and period of posting. It ensures the presence of the employees in a particular place since employees should mark the punching data from the mapped location.

Service Features :

  • The following are the Major modules included in the Smart Punch attendance management system.
  • • Smart punch biometric attendance module
  • • Visit Report Module.
  • • Work from Home Module.
  • • Leave Management Module.
  • • Social Distancing module
  • • My Docs, Digital Locker Module
  • • Meeting Module
  • • Company Policy module

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